Summer hack is over, but Inspire is coming in summer 2024!

Summer Hack harnessed the positive potential of our participants to focus on the greater good of our community by using new tools like generative AI. Competitors joined us for two unforgettable five-hour hacking sessions collaborating on projects with their teams.

Build: Hackers turned aspirations into tangible achievements and unlocked the potential of technology across diverse domains and addressed complex challenges, be it in healthcare, education, environmental conservation, and beyond. They unleashed their creativity, sharpened critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and explored new ideas with the latest technology to contribute to the good of society.

Connect: Participants collaborated on projects with our community of technologists, creatives, professionals, and students from diverse backgrounds and skill levels and created meaningful connections and expanded their professional networks.

Learn: Participants came together and formed teams to generate extraordinary ideas, develop remarkable applications, and explore the realm of cutting-edge technologies.

The Charlestonhacks Summer Hack event brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, creating an inspiring environment to collaborate and develop innovative solutions to a specific problem. Our mission is to educate, empower, and enable individuals to join or grow their careers in the local tech industry and connect with like-minded builders.

Charleston Summer Hacks was held on three separate days in summer 2023 and will become the "Inspire" event in 2024.